Oregon Energy is a 100% owned USA subsidiary of Energy Ventures, holding a portfolio of uranium deposits in the western USA.


Energy Ventures, though its wholly owned US subsidiary Oregon Energy LLC, owns four advanced uranium projects located in the western USA, all of which have been subject to significant historical exploration and have either current or historical resources. The most advanced of these projects is the Aurora uranium project located in southeast Oregon.

Oregon Energy is currently advancing feasibility studies of the Aurora project; exploring its other project areas in Nevada and Colorado to increase the Company’s resource base; and is actively evaluating other uranium opportunities in the western USA.

The Company's short term strategy is to acquire further technically viable projects, preferably with known or historical resources, in order to increase the total resource base. Subsequently, these projects will be advanced through feasibility studies and into commercial production.

For more information see the Oregon Energy website at www.oregon-energy.com

Oregon Project #1